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Beannachtaì na Fèile Pàdraig daoibh: A Very Teuncy Family

May I just say:
Beannachtaì na Fèile Pàdraig daoibh (Happy St. Patrick's Day), everybuddy!

My token green (in addition to my carefully-timed LJ color scheme) is the Yoda background on my PocketPC.
Stop me in the hall this week if you are reading this, and I'll show you.

Everyone post your "Kiss Me, I'm Elvish" buttons here!

Here's a hilarious song that the recently-arrived yodge posted to teunc last year.

Oh, and istari_ala, I got your card this morning!

In honor of some very teuncy Irish people, I'd like to point you all to the artistic Smyths. Yeah, the lone computer scientist in that family is pretty cool, too. :-)
That gives me some hope, yet!
(My gran is a painter; her husband was a pretty good calligrapher, though he did it as a hobby.)


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