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Deep Into The Teuncolect: teunc vocabulary

Many of you who are friendly strangers, and some of you who are newcomers to teunc, the Tolkien Eccentric Unusual Nut Cases, have marvelled at our strange and wonderful dialect.

Later on, I will recap some of the documentation on teunc spelling and grammar that yodge, cavlec's husband Tripitaka, and the Count wrote. Today, I would like provide a couple of teunc vocabulary resources that might help you decipher wot we are lal wibbling aboat:

  • First and foremost is teh Teunctionary. This Sniglet-like compendium of neologisms includes such quotidian prepositions as acos (tamf, "because", originally used in the context of an excuse), nouns such as builkding (banazir, a shoddily constructed building), and verb phrases such as dknot (yodge, "do not" with ambiguity in the case of negated interrogatives). New words such as and even fater lal ("after all", with a Sanskrit connotation) have not yet made it in.

  • Second, here are a few TEUNCisms you may have heard us use here in LiveJournal:

    • Fater lal - this is not only a transposition of after all, but is thought to be cognate with "father dear" from the Proto-Indo European (specifically, Hindi via Sanskrit) root words. Tripitaka and Meneldil can tell you whether this is apocryphal, but I rather like the idea. I once created a teunc tarot and was reminded by Jon the Defender of Eels to include Fater Lal, so he is one of the Major Arcana.

    • Nerdanelism - alternative term for female masturbation. This term has an interesting etymology, being derived from Feanorism for the male analogue (Nerdanel was the wife of Feanor in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion). The title of an often-quoted thread from 2000 explains the rest.

    • Get oat of my heead! - this imperative started being uttered with alarming frequency by gondhir and yours truly in #teunc chat, around December of 2003, because we had taken to "twinning", or typing the same joke or response at the same time. We also started picking up the habit of finishing each others' sentences. The canonical reply to "get out of my head!" is suffer me! after Aragorn's exclamation to the King of the Dead in The Return of The King.


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