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DaranaCon 2004 - New York, NY: Hinge-Licking Good

Ooh my little Sithly one, Sithly one.
When you gonna kill more Jedi, Darana?
Ooh you make my Empire run, my Empire run.
From your fancy ship of the line, Darana...

- to the tune of "My Sharona" (no apologies at all to The Knack - see how that works, deire?)

The Rooster has landed! (Or something like that.)
DaranaCon actually got underway on Thursday as masteralida drove out and darana and phawkwood flew. These three called me and masteralida and darana left messages on my mobile phone (whose voicemail I normally check twice a month, but for the anomaly that my phone started vibrating off the clip during CIS 830 lecture). I called back after class, and things were off to a rollicking start! (As much as they could be with only half the contingent.)

chevronsha, the ever-gracious hostess, met up with them on Friday afternoon, and after a goodly 12-hour drive, lonsolo, deire, queenmidalah, and ldymlissa arrived.

Last night, miajesbar and I called and talked to all 8 of the gang on the first night.
A bit of rum was consumed...
(Yeah, that's the first +4 I've ever used.)

As for the webcam and our conversation with the vert slighty drunkn folks, let's just say that some people qian4 da3 ai2: "owe a paddling received", i.e., are overdue for a(nother) trasking. And remember, kids:

phawkwood : deire :: tamf : istari_ala

only it was a gladd1 of rum and not dinner. And so the Wheeeenh was born to go along with the Bha.

1 I find this tyope aesthetically pleasing, so I'm keeping it. A gladd must surely be a glass filled with some yummy drink, salubrious or inebrious.


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