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Poets and Philosophers of Shandong and Sichuan

Hey, crypthanatopsis: you might be interested in the following.

Quite a few years ago (c. 1986), I learned that Kong Fuzi (Kung Fu-Tzu in Wade-Giles Romanization, known to Europeans and the North Americans as Confucius was born in Shandong Province. What suprised me recently was my dad's revelation that Mengzi (Mencius) was also from Shandong. Well, taht's just monopoly! Shandong is famous for yielding not only philosophers but also poets and prose writers.

My mom's home province of Sichuan also boasts some poets and philosophers. As my dad's ancestors only went to Shandong (from Sichuan!) after the end of the Ming Dynasty (1644), this is suppoed to be a triple whammy.

Funny, I don't feel like a writer. Hay you, up there! A lille love in the muse department, please?

Edit, 05:00 CST Fri 26 Mar 2004: miajesbar and I had one last chance to call and get some incriminatingteuncy and fun quotes and screencaps from the DaranaCon-goers. Well, we sure made the most of it! More on this in a later post (I'm not as fast with the travellogues as, say, phawkwood).


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