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Micciche's Experiment

(Bear with me, please; I've had cable modem problems out the wazoo and am getting caught up.
And please petition your congresscritter to look into consumer protection legislation for regional cable and broadband ISPs.)

Micciche! Micciche! And this is the upshort of your experiment!

Last week, shortly before DaranaCon, I gave masteralida these instructions for making a starship Enterprise (NX-01, NCC-1701, NCC-1701-D not specified) from the metal parts of a plain 3.5" floppy disk.

Some late-night fun ensued, as masteralida put it, after "octaviakrysk, darana, phawkwood and ldymlissa went to bed last night, leaving [me, deire and masteralida] to our own devices". I do love combinatorics. masteralida, would you say that was:

  • me chaperoning you and deire (bwaha)

  • deire chaperoning you and me (wheeeenh)

  • you chaperoning deire and me (YRAINW!)

(Yeah, Misa Jes Bar aka miajesbar was there, too.)

Isometric, on the wet bar sink in my basement library:

Top view orthographic:

Front view orthographic:

Side view orthographic (note the aft ion cannon improv with the write protect tab):

A rock and a hard place - Darana above, Rubik's Borg Cube below:


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