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Worst... ceramics... ever!

OK, get ready to have a good, long laugh at Bana's puny artistic talent, or lack thereof.
At least in the medium of ceramics, that is.

Watch my struff get progressively worse over the years!

Mrs. McClintock's 8th grade General Art class, 1987:

Not great, but not horrifically bad, right?
(That little crack happened later, IIRC.)

Green glazed drinking mug (2 of 2), 1988:

The story: The pulled handle on this one is cleaner, but I didn't know how to attach a thumb stop properly yet. Also, IIRC, our ceramics teacher, Mr. Sassi, helped me with that part.

Blue glazed drinking mug (2 of 2), 1988:

The story: This one was all my work, and I think it doesn't look too bad. It's the only drinking vessel I've ever made that I actually wouldn't be ashamed to have someone drink out of. :-D

The same blue mug next to its superior, March 2004... ;-)

A small clay chalice or goblet, 1988:
TROI: Mother, the Chalice of Rixx is an old clay pot with mold growing inside it!
LWAXANA: My dear, when you become old enough and wise enough, you'll understand.

- Star Trek: The Next Generation: "Menage A Troi"

I give you the Unholy Chalice of Ick:

The story: Now, I personally think making something that bad takes some talent! :-P
I was probably distracted. Also, I have no idea where that spot of red glaze came from.

A coil pot, 1989:

The story: The base of the pot is my work; the rim was thrown on a wheel by Mr. Sassi (I think he guided my hands). The design was supposed to be the spaceship-and-sun insignia of the Galactic Empire from Asimov's Foundation series, but (a) I had no understanding of how dark the colors would come out and (b) the pot was fired early before I finished scraping and reglazing. This pot was used as a ping-pong ball receptacle for over four years (1989-1993).

Disclaimer: I must say that Doug Sassi is one of the best teachers I ever had. Like Charlotte Berry, he always gave constructive criticism, never put me down, and helped me in every way to improve my (obviously very limited) abilities through gradual practice.


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