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Banazir's Wood Shop: Think Outside The Box

Bana's "don't quit your day job review" continues!

Did I ever tell you that my father was apprenticed to a carpenter when he was 14?
Yeah, it doesn't run in the family.
Here's a box I made in wood shop in 8th grade (1986-1987).

"What kind of weird kid would etch his grade on his box with a power tool? In advance?"
That was rhetorical: A hyper boy with crazy hair. This is what I mean when I say I was a smarmy wise-ass as a young teen. The teacher had an answer for me, though: "Great! You left just enough room for the `minus'!"

Just so I could remember when I made the box, I etched the date on the inside.

Yes, the small screws have torn off on one of the hinges (circa 1992, IIRC).
What's that? You knew I'd come unhinged eventually?

Here's a view of the inside of the box, to give you an idea of the size:


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