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Build me an army worthy of KDD

I'm having a building party, and you're all invited!

Some of you who've been reading my LJ for a while may remember a post last September wherein I stashed all the links to nifty resources that I could think of off the top of my head. These included:

  • URL Clippers

  • Online References

  • Portals

  • Instant Messaging

  • Technical Computing and Mathematical Software

  • Free Software

  • Machine Translation

  • Blogging

Well, here are some new plans:

  • After some discussions with Tom Dietterich at Oregon State University, I've decided that it's time to start wrapping BNJ 2 development in the next month, and start in on BNJ 3. More to follow on the plans to revamp the API for more portability in bayesnets.

  • I've recently taken Ryan Shelton on as an M.S. student, and he's been working on:

At any rate - ideas on recruitment, both for the above projects and just for "building" in general, would be appreciated.

An aside: This "busy beaver" thing is nothing new for me. Ever since I became a grad student at the University of Illinois Beckman Institute, I've delighted inordinately in planning for the coming rapocalypse. Saving up for an unsupported semester, buying el cheapo components to build a spare system, amassing lots of free and commercial software, even spamming link compendia out to my classmates back when blogging wasn't yet fully in vogue - those were my pasttimes. I call it my Sunnydale Slush Fund. We really did have to work at making our research group indestructible, up to a reasonable contingency plan, because Ye Olde Double-Bladed Lightsabre of Damocles was always looming over our boss's head.


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