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NIC of time

I am in dire need of a PC-MCIA Ethernet network interface card for a COMPAQ LTE 5250 named Alcarondas, on which I have been trying for a year and a day to install BSD (Net, Free, or Open; whatever works).

The machine specs are abysmally dinky, but hey, it was a hand-me-down:

  • P5-120 CPU

  • 32Mb RAM

  • 810Mb HD (it was originally 50 Mb, I had to buy this drive for $20 + $6 S&H (and it had 2Mb of bad sectors according to DOS 6.1, the OS it was running)

rsmit212 graciously offered me an 802.11b WiFi hand-me-down (thanks very much!), but I'd still like to start testing with a conventional wired NIC.

I've been looking over PriceWatch and the FreeBSD laptop compatibility list, and there seem to be a lot of options - which brings me to my request:

Does anyone have a 10-base-T or 100-base-T PC-MCIA NIC I could use with the LTE 5250?
I can return it after installing BSD (or Slackware, or whatever fits).
As twinbee says, I will hug you. Or give you lots of CHOKLIT, if you prefer.

Additionally, any advice on what *nix to install is appreciated.

Jesus is risen, WinXP is still dead as a doornail.

On a related note: All my Jewish and Catholic friends - what say we join you partakers of the Bread of Repentance next Passover by giving up X for a week? (Call it the Shell of Repentance, perhaps.) Or give up Windows for Lent, now there's a good idea, nesupasu?


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