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Hold On: a public service message from suricattus

I was recently reminded by laudatory comments about suricattus to pass along this commentary.
I humbly request that you read it, think about it, and pass it along if you like.

While I certainly do not agree with those who assert that suicides are not worth mourning (or condemned for that matter), I do think that there is a moral obligation to forbear for the sake of one's friends, which finds exceptions only in a few extreme cases. Sometimes the aggrieved forgive, sometimes they do not; it is still a wrong in many cases to put one's relief before that of many others.

Is it selfish either way? Perhaps.
It may be ultimately selfish of us to want someone to stay, and only considerate of that person's loved ones to do so. But when it comes to precious life, think of those who care about you: us, and one hopes, yourself.

Suri is a brilliant writer by all accounts, with which I wholeheartedly concur, from what I've seen.


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