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Return of the Children of Dune, and random wibble

Ever have one of those days when you feel the urge to wibble about anything and nothing in particular?
Here's the reslut...

I finished watching Part II and Part III1 of Children of Dune last night (in the last of four one-hour segments). I've actually been very busy with work, but watching Fremen princesses trask everything in sight with crysknives is always good fun, as yodge can testify.
Somehow masteralida triggered my realization that miajesbar and I are preincarnations of the Atreides twins. Stranger things have happened, I suppose, but at any rate, I really have not been able to slow down or stop running since!
:waits for the Caffeine Mentat Litany:

I have been going through and updating this past week's journal entries with my music (anyone using Semagic and the like to monitor their friends lists: je m'excuse!). Here are a few highlights, mostly from the comments:

OK, back to frustrating writing and error hunting now.

Coming soon: More Vid Peril, Cool World of The Month (April, 2004), Opinion Survey, Sub-Creation, Team Projects

1 Oh, BTW, SadGeezer is a really good SF synopsis site. Firefly, Dune, etc.


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