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Happy Birthday, hfx_ben and yahvah!

Happy 50th, hfx_ben!

Many, many happy returns to you!
O Elder, O Veteran, O Monk...
My gifts to you are:

  • a family of Smurrows to clean your LJ (they will blend right into the blue)

  • the freedom of some information that I released because it wanted it

  • a cup of your favorite tea

  • some peace and quiet by which to enjoy it

  • a new staff - to lean on when you wish, to bear your bindle when you are on the road, and most of all to trask the unruly young'uns

And yes, you could put an axe-head on the staff if you really wanted. :-)
Baruk Canuck, Canuck ai-menu, my friend.

Happy 26th, yahvah!

My gifts to you are:

Remember: Jack the Bodiless turned 26 in 2078, a couple of months after he and Diamond Mask saved Caledonia. You never know what you might accomplish tomorrow. :o)

In other news:

This is angsty and qyoot?! Yowie, gimme a lille credit here! Try this thread, wherein I console lal the swains whose hearts have been borken by Wee Grils liek yew adn miajesbar. Bwaha.

Edit, 00:30 CDT Thu 06 May 2004 - Here's a must-share meme from josephides, by way of tv_elf:
Link to 18 icons you find amusing/wonderful/pretty blah blah blah and give the username and your reaction to said icon.

(I think tv_elf might have improvised the "18", as josephides specified 10. Well, I'm seeing her 18 and raising her 6 for an even two dozen. :-P)

deire: Acos she is! (Y-R--A-I--N-W! I rather dig the Willow and Inara icons, too.)
auriam: It's just so evocative...
gnodal: Even cooler than the icons of its host, hfx_ben

wiliqueen: The icon queen - calculus rocks! And cute, snorfle, fine... the list goes on...</a>
jereeza: <3<3<3 Piggy!! (see also the one inspired by yours truly! :beams:)</a>
gondhir: The original teunc Borg

istari_ala: Miles Two-Tails - good choice.
yodge: Aww, it an ickle bebe Yowie!
tv_elf: More qyootness! Overload! Aberration! Trask!

masteralida: Silly silly! (All of this lady's icons are great.)
gimmelgirl: Acos yew know Hermione's a Teuncette.
tamf: Acos it's her!

marm: Whups. Fell over. (I couldn't choose between this and the asskicking icon!)
phawkwood: Instigator... oh, I dunno... O:-)
chevronsha: The photo-neg thing is way cool

celandineb: Happy happy! Ecstasy!
crypthanatopsis: Sacrilege unto TRBMT!
miajesbar: Because it's Porthos! Watch out for your cheese, Softrat!

Honorable mention to:
suricattus: Vote Meerkat Party! They only look like weasels! W00t!
mrowe: C'mon, it's a "Now for Rat" icon! You can't trask that with a ****! (The galaxy icon is nice, too.)
wondergurl_77: A photonegative icon, from even earlier than chevronsha's
havocthecat: Lots of good stuff, starting with the default scrying icon
erebrandir: Joe's default icon always reminds me of my Audubon magazines
idigital: Everyone needs that teuncing tiger!

Oh, and also
teunc: This. (It was either CHOKLIT or octopus sex, take your pic, hokaz?)


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