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(Slightly backdated, but I'll get to that in a bit.)

I have a few things to write about honor tonight.
In the meantime, I could use a few kindly words of encouragement.

Edit, 20:45 CDT 09 May 2004: Well, as tamf suggested soon after I posted, some things are best left unsaid. I'll limit my commentary to the gist of my little monologue, which was that:
Dignity consists not in possessing honors, but in deserving them.

In that sense, I think celandineb's admonition is good: If one lives honorably, one needn't be overly concerned with what people think or say.

Do I practice what I preach? I'd like to think I live by a code, but of course, I deviate from it (sometimes drastically and repeatedly) as we fallible humans do. For example. I actually do believe in timeliness, punctuality, and meeting deadlines, but being (among other things) an ENTP personality type, there's something in me that finds the entire concept of time limits abhorrent. That's why I'm more sympathetic than usual to students requesting extensions.1 My parents2 are almost always punctual and they expect the same... which is one reason I'm probably a disappointment in that area.3 X-)

1 Any of yousa kids here at KSU-CIS repeats that, and meesa gonna hafta open up a can of crunchin' and pastin'. Got it? ;-)
2 They are the exactly complementary ISTJs, in case you were wondering. My father, who taught Unit Operations in the Chemical Engineering department at National Taiwan University, was the most draconian instructor I've ever heard of. At 60 seconds after the class bell, he would lock the door and windows (yes, windows) of his classroom. He was also an extremely harsh grader and told me he often had to think in terms of "credit given" rather than "credit lost" to avoid giving negative scores. Heh, good times, good times. :-)
3 An illustrative story: my father is very fond of a Chinese folk story about two young lovers (which reminds me of Pyramus and Thisbe, but whose characters' names he can't remember). Woman X and Man Y had agreed to meet in a bamboo grove, but X was delayed. Rather than miss the appointed meeting, Y waited in the grove until flood waters swept through and drowned him. Did he flee? No, he hung on to one of the bamboo stalks until the waters overcame him. (Yeah, you thought the Brothers Grimm were bad? Try some Chinese folk tales. :-P) "And that's how you should treat appointments." Good times, good times.


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