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Robosim Team Photo: tu fais du logiciels?

Banazir: Do you know Matthias Felleisen?
Friend: Of course. He is the name I have given to my pain!

   -Fall, 1996

Posted by one of my imminent Ph.D. students, scottharmon1 (guess which one is him?):

The Kansas State University CIS RoboSim Team, Wed 05 May 2004
Tomorrow is the last meeting of the spring!
It's also the occasion of scottharmon's M.S. defense.
Be there or be... um... be a Lesser Tronkie!

Oh, and speaking of tronkies: from Lord rsmit212, Prince of Tronkiedom, comes this quiz:
Can you tell a programming language designer from a serial killer?
I got 7 out of 10.
(Yes, I worked for Sam Kamin and Uday Reddy for a year and never knew what Phil Wadler, or even Gerry Sussman, looked like. Trask me!)

Hey, how's this as a grad recruiting tagline:
K-State: where the programming languages people don't look like axe murderers.

Feeling very energetic tonight. Ainsi debut du paradoxe. 3-4 hours a night of sleep for the last... :counts: ...six nights. Add 3 or 4 nights before that; I just cannot sleep before 05:00 on Saturdays. See, you just have to push through it! :g:
Might get these two chapters of the Encyclopedia of Data Mining (on genetic algorithms and genetic programming) done yet! (Hey, they're only... *ulp* 2.5 months overdue... :blush:)

1 NB: I'm mirroring this on Ringil and not stealing bandwidth from AMDG. Take only footprints, leave only photos, people! Snarfing bandwidth (especially from people who really need it (heh) is eViol. Thieveses, we hates them forever!

(Good... bad... I'm the hyperprof with the JDK.)

Edit, 23:15 CDT: Body of American civilian beheaded in Iraq recovered (posted by jadziadax)
Just one person among many on both sides of the conflict, of course, but every noncombatant murdered this way adds an ideological burden to the toll that, IMHO, doesn't come about from the war alone. Just yesterday I was listening to a CNN addendum about Daniel Pearl.



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