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Six students, three hours, no trasks barred

Class is over!

CIS 736 (Computer Graphics 2) project presentations wrapped up yesterday, the last day of our class. We saw some rather good term projects this year, comparable to the ones from last spring, a little better than most of the ones from 2001-2002, and much better than the ones in 2000. You happy children of the future: the bar is set.

CIS 830 (Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence) project interviews were today. I got 5 of them finished between 12:30 and 15:00 and the last one done between 15:45 and 16:00. I was rather satisfied with what people have turned out this year, though everyone is still working feverishly on collecting experimental results. Which is as it should be, if you're in the course; in fact, what are you doing reading LJ? Back to work! ;-)

My TA has finished collecting my revised slides and Tegrity lectures, so I will finally be able to finish those long-deferred syllabi for CIS 736 and CIS 830.

Meanwhile, I've been discussing BNJ with some of my program managers at Ye Olde Federal Funding Agencies. Have any of you who are reading this done education grant proposals before, especially for undergraduate programs? I'd be interested in hearing your advice, here or in grantwriting or bayesnets.

Preparations for dropping in later this month on the folks at the MSU GARAGe (big sister to geckies), and possibly the Ann Arbor EECS fortress, continue apace. Hey, did you like how I worked in my other tech community? ;-)

Four camera-ready copies of accepted papers (two poster, two oral) went in this past week.
A few new submissions are in the works.
Let me know when you're awake again, scottharmon. :-)

Oh, and zengeneral came in for his orientation.
robbyjo, scottharmon, silpan: please welcome him to the KDD Lab.
And no gnubie cauldrons: he shall code, like the heathen, um, coders of old.

Edit, 19:30 CDT: From tamf - the Irish Gaelic curse generator
English: May a pack of drunken Fomorians eat your cornflakes.
Gaelige: Go n-ithe scata Fomhórach ólta do chuid calóga arbhair.
Ainsi soit-il.
(Posted in response to the random Irish Gaelic phrase quiz)


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