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Classroom Assessment Techniques

Is anyone reading this familiar with classroom assessment techniques, particularly for software used in teaching computer science and mathematics?

I have the Angelo and Cross book, and have read most of it, but for purposes of evaluating educational software, a lot of it is inapplicable.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Edit, 10:30 CDT: Commented upon by bktheirregular (here), butterflykiki (here), celli (here), and many others: here we go again with the political eucharist.
The bishop of Colorado's second-largest Roman Catholic diocese has issued a pastoral letter saying Catholics cannot receive Communion if they vote for politicians who support abortion rights, stem-cell research, euthanasia or gay marriage.

Emphasis added above. I haven't seen the remarks of jereeza (from predominantly Catholic Croatia) or andrewwyld yet, but this does not seem to bode well. Advocacy is one thing, but denying communion on the basis of voting history? Aside from the implausibility of carrying out the policy, that would seem to be crossing rather a lot of lines.


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