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As an undergrad, I used to boast that my ability to work increased as the inverse of time pressure. This wreally was true up to an extent, provided I wasn't distracted. Even in grad school, I was able to work better under the shadow of imminent DUUM. It's only lately, since I have acquired a couple of Ph.D. students and 4-5 M.S. students, that this hasn't worked out so well. Naturally, part of this is due to my writing several grant proposals and papers each semester, but every research faculty member does that; and my load of 2 grad courses per semester isn't so high either, considering that I have between 6 and 30 students per course (usually one small and one medium-sized).

So, what to do? Cut down on television, recreational reading, USENET - certainly (though the first two probably accounted for about 7 hours a week total). Double up on technical reading and organization of seminars and journal groups - check. Prioritize my research and advising schedule - sure (though I dknot like to cut Ph.D. students' time to less than an hour a week and have already narrowed other individual meetings to 15 minutes).

A person who's quite good at time management told me when I started university that music is a great way to relax and unwind without wasting too much time and attention. Fedinately goond advice.

That pretty much leaves only sleep, which I haven't borrowed heavily against this semester yet, and eating time, which I have - much to Burger King's profit and my personal chagrin (see The Lay of Cholesterol). I'm knot forswearing showers as the Gret Unwashed One of TEUNC has, though! #-)

me: "So you don't care to join in on these new time series learning hijinx?"
One of our undergrad programmers: "HiJINX? Bill, I barely have time for hyGIENE."
- Spring, 1998

Wlel, as long as keeping an LJ doesn't chew xxet another hole in my box of huors, I should be OK. ;-)

In other news: Our Bayesian Networks in Java page has finally made it back into the top 3 hits for "BNJ", after I changed its URL in January. Aaaaaaand (drumroll, lpease) we're ahead of "BNJ Discount Firearms" this time! Yaay!


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