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What? Why wasn't I told?!

Last seen with wiliqueen:
Where do you fall on the liberal - conservative political spectrum? (United States)

brought to you by Quizilla
I've come up further to the left than that before, but the answers I gave were all honest and as close to my opinions as I could make them, so I suppose this is fairly accurate.

The first BNJ development and planning meeting of the summer went well. zengeneral took to things like a fish to water, and scottharmon showed us how to set up Wikis as he created this Wiki using TikiWiki v1.8. Now for blog, now for bayesnets and an RSS feed. I look forward to the time when silpan, James Plummer, and Julie Thornton can join us.

Oh, and I just found out from Chris Meyer that he is trained in katana and scimitar!
He studied jodo and kendo during his year in Japan last year!
Why wasn't I told? This is important material for the CV, people!
How the frell am I supposed to lead my team through the next Rapocalypse otherwise?!

Apropos of which: here are some photographs from the KSU Nichols Theater production of Macbeth last month and early this month.

I'm in a total last-minute scramble before Media.
It's possible I might leave for Ames, IA a day early; details in the Other Place.

Edit, 21:15 CDT: Cursed phawkwood to be as hyper as yours truly, until he achieves one moment of total job satisfaction. Place your bets, people.


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