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We found the USB drive!
(Well, not me personally, but see below.)

The USB floppy drive that I lost in December, that I hunted all over my house for, that my dad helped me search for at home and two of my students scoured my lab spaces for... just turned up in a clothing closet as we were packing. It's only a $36 drive, but my students and I were sure it had been stolen, so it's really quite a relief. We aren't quite in unlocked-front-door territory here in Kansas (we have had equipment stolen from the department before), but it's almost like that here.

It's such a load off to not have to go to the Union and buy a replacement (not that having two is a total waste, but it'd have been a nuisance to find it afterwards). Plus, now - if my luck holds out - I can boot Norton Ghost and restore the 12Gb drive of Vingilot (my ThinkPad 600E) with half of my AIM chat logs and a bunch of other files.

Well, this reminds me to download what music I did back up before onto the 60Gb HD of Numerramar (my ThinkPad A31p) and bring that to MWC.

Edit, 14:45 CDT: Seen with rsmit212 and masteralida - and then there were three...

Servants of Cthulhu. Fnord.
Servants of Cthulhu:
Victory is Destruction.

Which Illuminati are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Edit, 16:00 CDT: Nebula is mother to us all! Fight for her!
I forgot to mention that I slept from about 05:45 to about 10:45 and had a dream (not really a nightmare) about Darana Cairnfell as Thetis. Gee, thanks, masteralida!

What's next? M'lissa as Briseis? Or perhaps Deidamia daughter of Lycomedes? A child of hers and Michael's as Neoptolemus, the original baby from the Daytime Soap Opera School of Accelerated Growth?

You know, you'd think if she were out to make her son invulnerable, that woman of all people wouldn't screw up... but who says she would want to? :g: (Now, dressing him as a girl, that I could see. It certainly wouldn't trask his psyche any more!)

Edit, 20:15 CDT: Had dinner with a recently retired colleague, and will be attending her exhibition at an art show here in Manhattan on Fri 04 Jun 2004, after Media West. Oh, and where the trask did my mother learn so much about how to fix a USB mouse?


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