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Not enough hours in a 24-hour day...

... I want my 26-hour day, trask it!

Guess what? You may know that I'd already figured that we only got one of the three Targeted Excellence proposals that I was on from the beginning, especially time after the 14 preproposals cleared. Well, today I met with Jan, a colleague whom we are working with on the new educational materials proposal.

JAN: Oh, are you one of those... well, the informal term we use for them is "Water Boys"...
BANAZIR: Water boys?
JAN: The research on groundwater... Dark Slate's group.
BANAZIR: Oh, you mean GRoWE [Global Research on Water-based Economies]. Yes, I'm a member of that group.
JAN: Yes! GRoWE... congratulations on the Targeted Excellence!
BANAZIR: (Pauses.) I'm sorry, what?
JAN: I just heard last week that it was funded.
BANAZIR: Uh... I didn't. Wow.

"Water boys" is a new one.

I hastened to explain that my role was relatively small, especially compared to the AI one (which we didn't get during this round) and Bioinformatics one (which we did).
And somebody might need to be thwapped trasked bitchsmitten for not telling me; but...


Edit, 02:15 CDT Wed 26 May 2004: Belated happy birthday to sui_degeneris!


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