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Putting Out Fire With Gasoline

Safe travels to all of you who are going to Media West.
(That's a shorter distance for some than for others! ;-))

See you there.

Big Scare:
Today the battery on Numerramar went dead after 2 minutes.
When I booted back up - bluescreen: UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME.
"Last known good configuration" - bluescreen.
"Safe mode with networking" - bluescreen.

For about 6 harrowing hours (12:00 noon through 18:00), it felt as if I had no heartbeat.
Interesting sensation, that.

For an hour this afternoon, I tried several things. First, I booted from my WinXP CD, which needed a WinXP repair floppy. Then I booted into the still-intact Red Hat Linux 9 installation... to discover that my kernel was one that didn't have the NTFS option compiled in.
No dice.

Finally I went in to the department systems administrators.
They had a bootable WinXP CD that had the rescue programs built in, after which I was able to take it home and run bootfix.


The Price at the Petrol Pump:
$2.15 per gallon, $30 to fill-er up with premium unleaded.
Nearly 1000 miles each way, plus side trips to Chicago, IL, Ann Arbor, MI, and Ames, IA.
I'm rather fortunate to be able to expense the primary round trip, at any rate.


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