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Hitting the road... now

I'm on my way.

Edit, 15:00 EDT Thu 27 May 2004: Quite a drive, that was:

  • 07:22 CDT: Depart Manhattan, KS

  • 09:30 CDT: Kansas City, MO

  • 11:00 CDT: Columbia, MO

  • 14:30 CDT: St. Louis, MO

  • 18:20 CDT: 20 miles outside Chicago, IL

  • 19:20 CDT: leave Chicago, IL area

  • 20:30 EDT: Michigan City, IN

  • 22:20 EDT: Kalamazaoo, MI

So, Kansas City is in Missouri, and Michigan City is in Indiana. Um, of curse.

Overnighted at a Hampton Inn in Kalamazoo. (No high-speed internet makes Bana less than teuncy!)
Interesting town... :o)


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