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(This entry is back-dated a bit.)

Just finished having dinner with the SW role-play gang!
masteralida is a fantabulous cook. (Who didn't know that? Raise your hand so I can trask it. Orf, if necessary.)

Tomorrow, I might go acquire some ingredients for liang2 mien4</li> (cool pasta).

Edit, 01:45 CDT Sat 29 May 2004: A rather memorable evening - very cool. Nice running fromwith you all. And no, I'm still not scared.

Edit, 02:00 CDT Sat 29 May 2004: Slight change of plans - my folks called two friends (not the ones they were originally going to meet with, but ones they had invited to their gathering in Chicago). One is OK with Saturday, but the other can only make Sunday. Additionally: there are some severe weather warnings for both Lansing and Chicago; it would mean 4-6 hours less driving back on Sunday (wherein I could only arrive by 11:00 to 13:00 instead of 10:00); and leaving for Manhattan, KS by way of Ames, IA from Chicago would save another 3-4 hours.

I hate to disappoint the gang by leaving early (and truth to tell, I'd prefer not to miss the Blaster Battle), but I've been talked into it. I'd say "cajoled" or "browbeaten", but each is extreme in one direction or the other. :-/ :-)


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