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Shooting your clone for fun and profit!

deire's art: very, very good. Am I suprised? Noooooooo. :o)

Skirmish: way fun. Was shot 6 times and partcipated in 4 kills (3 assists including 1 in hand-to-hand combat, and 1 confirmed kill of miajesbar's point man just before she shot me).

(Knot rilly drunkn - more "teuncy with a slight buzz", but I just wanted to see what a drunk penguin loonked like.)

More later.

I have a newly-discovered talent! I can go a whole day on 12 strands of spaghetti and a couple of eggrolls.
See, that's from having one of masteralida's brownies and one of her lemon squares the night before. She's a fantastic cook, BTW.
Edit, 15:15 CDT 26 Jun 2004 - add a glass of champagne; I'm not a lama who can meditate instead of eating, fater lal. ;-)


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