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"Last twenty entries" meme, and some more

The "last twenty entries" meme:

(Most to least recent.)

1. [11 Jun 2003] I am rather laxwilling to be convinced about security when it comes to cookies and my personal accounts.
2. [10 Jun 2004] I get obit ideas from good friends.
3. [09 Jun 2004] I am the... uh, third? ... Angel and BTVS fan in the city of Manhattan, KS.
4. [08 Jun 2004] A lot of my friends don't know me as well as they thought.
5. [07 Jun 2004] I'm a quizsheep. Baaaaa.
6. [06 Jun 2004] I have a decidedly American bias when it comes to television.
7. [05 Jun 2004] I am amazingly poorly read (and embarrassed about it) when it comes to general fiction.
8. [04 Jun 2004] I still remember Tiananmen Square as if it were yesterday.
9. [03 Jun 2004] I come into higher demand when I'm away for a week or more.
10. [02 Jun 2004] I haven't watched that many TV shows.
11. [01 Jun 2004] I get more tired coming back to KS than going out from it.
12. [31 May 2004] I like sproglets.
13. [30 May 2004] I stick to the Windows NT kernel (NT 4.0, 2000, XP).
14. [29 May 2004] I am frequently inattentive, and can be clumsy enough when in unfamiliar surroundings.
15. [28 May 2004] I can get a lot done in one day if there's a chance to have fun with my friends afterwards, or along the way.
16. [27 May 2004] I have the coolest friends.
17. [26 May 2004] I personally don't mind being on the road for a long time in a day.
18. [25 May 2004] I scare easy when it comes to catastrophic computer crashes, because I have ad hoc rather than incremental backups.
19. [24 May 2004] I'm frequently left out of the loop even when I am technically a participating member of a grant.
20. [23 May 2004] I give up too easily when looking for lost items, and I underestimate my folks sometimes.

Here's a quiz from deire.
I got the same result as Gran (carida_46)! Cool, cool.
Your Patronus is the Eagle! The eagle is a symbol
of spirituality, courage and protection. He
will protect you with his sharp talons.
That your Patronus is an eagle says that you are
very concerned with the spiritual things of
life. You are also a brave person who would go
out of your way to protect those you love. A
small amount of fear is healthy, however; keep
that in mind and you will be an amazing witch
or wizard!

What is Your Patronus? Version 1
brought to you by Quizilla

(Shaddap, gondhir!)

Last seen with jereeza in teunc:
Your Jedi Stats by Talon Sky
Lightsaber color(s)Black
Lightsaber typeDual (Two sabers)
Force Tuneness: 67%
Force Sense: 31%
Force Power Level: 92%
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Well, I am a Jedi hobbit... but... uh...
Black sabre? Wot wot?


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