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That'll teach 'em to cancel _Firefly_, nesupasu?

jian[4] ta[1] de[4] gui[3]!

"I was... sleeping!"

Firefly cast members are starting to appear on other Joss creations! Goond.
That was a cllo show. (And since Ala isn't reading this, I can write: no Power in the 'verse can strop me. ;-))

The ambiguity of "we're on the same side" was a trip. Too bad Faith didn't get the 411 while on Angle... (Doesn't she check the cahtty rooms, as Angel put it?)

LOLOL at Faith trasking Spock...

The Spike-Faith banter was, shall we say, over the top. Kindred... welp, knot souls, nazwaz. Is there such a thing as kindred tildes? (Trask, where's Ala to answer important queastions when you need her to?) And when did William the Bloody develop an eidetic memory for tildy dialogue?

A neye fro a neye: Poor Xander got G'karded! (Nathan Fillion does indead kick @$$.)

I can't recommend Heart of The City enerf...

Yew should see my paper on Bayesian network inference algorithms, written in Adunaic! (Get it afore it's gone!)

A scathing indictment of model building! (Hee hee, so qyoot!)
Trust me...

("I thought Faith killed a vulcanologist?")

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