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CRG Character Illustrations

Sketches inspired by masteralida and deire:

Sam Brayden
Jedi, padawan learner


Jack Renardine
Shardakouran Confederation, delegate (Kaledi Assembly)
Kaledi Assembly, representative (Kalimant)

Jack 1

Jack 2

Col. Ridina
Director, Alliance Intelligence

Ridina 1

Ridina 2

Apprentice, House of Empress Darana Cairnfell

Rizanab 1

Rizanab 2
[extensive Photoshopping needed]

Daven Gregorius
First year student, royal Shardakouran academy (RSA)


Arnav Gregorius
Kaledi Assembly, vice chancellor

Arn 1

Arn 2

Produced using the AbiStation icon maker


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