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Some stuff for deire

Micro-Air Vehicles (MAV)
6-inch MAVs with robot vision-guided flight control (Machine Intelligence Lab, University of FL)
Autonomous and RC MAV helicopters (Nascent technologies: MIT startup)
Winged MAVs (survey page, English language, in Russia)

The 6" ones in the first link are the kind various intelligence orgs are developing to carry C4 charges.

On a less martial note:

Bomb Disposal Robots
Bomb Squad (NOVA on PBS)
Illinois Hexapod (written about by Dave Barry)

There is talk of small folding varieties of these (cf. Minority Report) that could be fired out of a Gatling gun-like apparatus that loads canisters with the robots inside. They would come out and unroll on impact, and crawl around to perform hazardous tasks such as tripping bombs in the trunks of cars.

Nonlethal Weapons and Nanotech
Nonlethal weapons technology (press briefing, February 2004: Allison1, Kelley, Garwin)
Joint Nonlethal Weapons Program (Global Security article)
MEMS in smart grenade (Small Times article on "Nano Valley")
Nanopowder Enterprises (startup company making nanoparticles)

Kitty litter so powerful, you might wonder where kitty went!
Look for the "sparkly bomb" at a Wal-Mart near you.

1 Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government


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