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Goodbye to you

Smeagol voice, redux:
Weeeeee're freeeeeee!

CIS 690 wrapped up today, to not much fanfare.
Projects look all right this year. Most are even a little promising, though I've only had one complete project interview out of five at this point.

I also said goodbye to my sixth M.S. thesis advisee1 this afternoon. I found myself shaking his hand, when he suddenly realized that that afternoon would be the last time we met before he went back to the Slovak Republic. We probably won't see each other again for quite a few years.

Is it weird that I feel a little nostalgic and a little sad at the departure of students when they finish up?
I should be happy for him, no? He's defended. He's graduating.

Somehow, it doesn't make it easier, especially in the case of overseas students or those going overseas. Experience doesn't make it easier, either. Odd, that.

1 He is my 6th M.S. student but the 8th to complete an M.S. program under my supervision, counting a student (Agah, 2001) who had an M.S. project and another (Valluri, 2002) with a coursework only ("nonthesis, nonreport") option. This is not counting Master of Software Engineering students, of whom I've had six.


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