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Talk about brilliance:
See why we all bow before jereeza!1
I really would love to see a regular strip called The Adventures of Hashberry.
And if Dead Ginger greeting cards are not the next big thing, I'll eat my hat. (Not Fedora.)

In other news: my post for Friday reminded me to go look up my Master's students over the last 4 years. It's interesting to see where they all are now.

  • Steven M. Gustafson, M.S. 2000, Ph.D. 2004 U. Nottingham - thesis on genetic programming for incremental learning in multi-agent systems (keep-away soccer)

  • Afrand Agah, M.S. 2001, U. Texas Arlington

  • Sreerama Valluri, M.S. 2002

  • Raju V. R. Mantena, M.S. 2003 - thesis on d-dimensional parallel Delaunay triangulation

  • Benjamin B. Perry, M.S. 2003, Quantum Leap Innovations, Inc. - thesis on genetic algorithms for Bayesian network structure learning

  • Vinod Kumar Chandana, M.S. 2003 - thesis on load-balancing models for parallel genetic programming

  • Siddharth S. Chandak, M.S. 2003 - thesis on ordering heuristics for approximate Bayesian network inference by bounded loop cutset conditioning

  • Ján Antolík, M.S. 2004 - thesis on phylogenetic clustering for diversity maintenance and code size control in genetic programming

Happy Froth of July, everyone!

1 I've got to say, though, it takes a TEUNC to grin and go "yay yay yay" that way at UST. Which, by the way, I had to look up. Yep.


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