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Monkey quotes, good news, and a trio of substantive memes

Let's see. It's been an interesting week for quotes. :g:

See, Highlander immortals, that's a perfect genre for games, because if you die, you can just come back.
-zengeneral, Wed 07 Jul 2004
(to my suggestion that a good study in 2 1/2-D "oblique view" games with camera follow might consist of sword duels between Highlander immortals)

Well, there are a lot of flavors of hate. My hatred of [float and string] overhead lies on spectrum from mildly seething resentment to pure Sith hatred, as with hash tables.
-banazir, Wed 07 Jul 2004

They're Danish. They won't fight back.
-masaga, Fri 09 Jul 2004
(on Hugin, oblivious to the Danish faculty member down the hall)

Substantive Meme 1 of 3
This one's from the brilliant ixwin, who is a friend of mirabehn, mostlyacat, and andrewwyld. Oh my God, yes, I do know this incredibly cool person!

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in

1. philosophy score: 32
2. movies score: 27
3. logic score: 27
4. psychology score: 24
5. linguistics score: 24
6. game theory score: 23
7. anime score: 23
8. photography score: 23
9. science score: 22
10. evolution score: 21
11. cooking score: 21
12. learning score: 20
13. ai score: 20
14. java score: 20
15. math score: 19
16. cognitive science score: 18
17. neural networks score: 17
18. c++ score: 16
19. history score: 16
20. cheese score: 16

Type your username here to find out what interests it suggests for you.

coded by ixwin
Find out more

:blink: Anime outranks AI on this thing? I really don't know myelf!

zengeneral, you may have MathSex, but I have
(Hey, it was either that or JavaCheese. NeuralCheese, even. EvolutionaryCheese?)

Substantive Meme 2 of 3

From suricattus, who's just really brillant, almost all the time, which is hard to pull off in any field!

What non-food 'treat' to you use to reward yourself for a Done Good Day?

(This is actually a repurposed meme which was originally for... um, another purpose.
Of course, I had to steal it.)

  • Recreational reading: as many have said, a novel or three to catch up on from my backlog (now accumulating 5-15 books a year, net)

  • Social time: just a few lazy hours to spend with my friends, online and off

  • Installations: another OS or software package on one of the desktops or notebooks

  • Repairs: fixing one of the broken computers (yes, that's a reward!

  • My doom: buying new PDAs, computers, and accessories (this is how it starts)

  • Shopping for music: Yahoo! Launch, collecting MP3s, actually ordering CDs

  • Book browsing: Just hanging out in a bookstore (a Borders or Barnes and Noble, even a Waldenbooks or B. Dalton) and scoping wishlists that I might actually make inroads into (usually online at Amazon, B&, etc.)

  • Day trip: Kansas City

  • Other fun stuff: world-building, putting a teensy dent in a story idea (I fic only for the sheer heck of it), learning a little more about rotoscoping for a longstanding vid idea

  • A good night's sleep without benefit of massive caffeine infusions

Substantive Meme 3 of 3

From nerdzrool, who joins my friends list along with ixzist and lilfrankel.
All are from found_objects.

Someone on my friends list made a post about how even though we hear about all these things that people on our friends list do, and it makes us feel like we know them, we don't really know them. So, ask me something that you don't know that seems to be something you'd casually know about someone, and then post this in your journal and see what everyone says about you.

Well, if this all works I will worship the ground you teunce on, how's that?
-me, to burkhardt on his software


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