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Fan fiction PSA: for prospective authors

My dear jereeza, I'm amused, I'm not a muse! :-D
OK, OK. Thank you. Really.
You inspire me, too.
A lot of you do.

The aforementioned Public Service Announcement (PSA): I'm not a critic, but I play one on LJ. Some of you have substantial, even phenomenal writing talent. Those who would emulate the talented could do well to heed the admonitions of:

A dollop of humility, a dash of receptiveness to critique, and a spanking1 of serenity, and you've got yourelf a fic that (one hopes) we can enjoy!

And yes (gasp!), we can all learn from print references. I'm still mulling over how I feel about style guides (see grantwriting for some of my discussions and rants), but I for one would love to take a short course or workshop with someone who's written a good guide (e.g., Orson Scott Card).

Ah, all my possessions for a moment of time. Currently I am possessed by: Banazir Galbasi, a random elf killed at Helm's Deep, a random Jedi killed at Geonosis, and my namesake from the Sung Dynasty.

OK, I know I swore off those silly Memegens and Kwikquizzes, but this one was a little funny:

What is your CSI epsiode?
LJ Username
You investigate with Warrick Brown
The victim was andrewwyld
And was killed by cenire
How they were killed Ran over on a dark night
Did you Solve it FALSE
This cool quiz by Imdaewen - Taken 87 Times.
New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology and Horoscopes

Now, see here cenire, you've just killed my source of nubile starlets, and what are you going to do about it? :g:

Behold, the fruits of my... um, nuffink:

That's over 80 of the 110. I've donated about 5% of the peaches to the birds. :-)

1 A 1/50th teaspoon unit. Don't ask.


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