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Ents, EcoGen, and Emperors

A sword day, a TMI day.
Sometimes the snow just... um, melts. >_<
*trudges to the Red Hot Poker replicator*

First, I don't know what possessed me to issue this challenge in guggle. I do think of very odd things at 02:00, and no mistake.

Second, from othercriteria, who is definitely getting a Special Spot in the Special Hell:

Androporngon gerardii
L'ANGE d'Abîme. :shakes head:

You know, I always thought "EcoGen" stood for Ecological Genomics. Well, there you have EcoHet. (No, I can do without the EcoSlash, thanks.) You learn something new every day.

"Woah. Good ecology," as Captain Reynolds might say.

Third, thanks to a webtoy last seen with mostlyacat:

From The Euphemism Generator:

Then, I had to sit next to some crazy guy on the bus who was apparently
chucking the hot emperor.

Well, that's just not right.
And my brain refuses to resolve that as having anything to do with Palpatine.
(It also refuses to contemplate a Cairnfell dynasty. You hear?! ;-))

In other news: I don't usually go for those stamping communities, but the latest post by spaced_oddity (who is one smart little tronkie, BTW) brought _are_you_a_dork to my attention. And, well, who are we kidding, really? ;-)

Edit, 10:15 CDT Wed 14 Jul 2004: Wlokay, then! :g:


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