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Global Thermonuclear Crush

A strange game. The only way to win is not to play.
   -Joshua (the AI), WarGames

So, some more good news: I have learned that my first Ph.D. alum, Haipeng Guo, has gotten a position as a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). Soon my former padawan learner will be training knights of his own, so to speak. Fun!

(Seen with many, starting with masteralida.)
i'm in gryffindor!

be sorted @

Thanks to jereeza, I still have very little idea what this means.

Hmrrfl? Crush Hugin? Mrmm?

Find out who has a crush on you!
Check out the
LJ Secret Crush Database
brought to you by

Silly crushle meme deplozzled, chect.
Edit, 04:30 CDT Thu 15 Jul 2004 - whaddaya, know, so much traffic was generated that the DB crashed and the meme creator took the site down. :g:
Hell hath no fury like geeks in love. -hempknight

Thank you for bearing with the memeage of late; I've felt uninspired to post anything other than those and photos for the most part. There will be more substantive content than memes and quizzes (well, quizzes that I took) soon, I hope.

Meanwhile, behold the great dog dishonor forwarded by gondhir. Worth while for the rockin' soundtrack alone, I tell you. I'm on my 10th viewing since I got it a week ago...
Cower in fear, Dwarf! masaga is coming to bisect you with his Hugin-chopping katana of DOOM!

Edit, 11:30 CDT: Speaking of dog honor... Here is another awesome cartoon by jereeza, explaining why we internet addicts really ought to own cats. :g:
(Yay lellow tee! All hail the lellow tee!)

Oh, might I add that burkhardt is Da Man? (OK, OK, he's a golden god, but those only count with desert wanderers and Ewoks, nyah.) Seriously, the dude's Perl skills are to be ph33red, hardcore - and I haven't even tested his scripts and forms yet! (Hint, hint...)


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