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So these two orcs walk into a gay bar...

[23:40:17] <banazir> You know what I need?
[23:40:22] <banazir> I need a katana
[23:40:25] <gondhir> a fermented fish?
[23:40:28] <gondhir> eep!
[23:40:29] <banazir> I'd settle for a scimitar
[23:40:42] <banazir> Even a straight Uruk falchion
[23:40:44] <gondhir> naz tai chi sword?
[23:40:56] <banazir> Er
[23:41:02] <banazir> Uruk STRAIGHT FALCHION
[23:41:06] <banazir> (No "straight Uruk" jokes!)
[23:41:16] * sui_degeneris wouldn't dare.
[23:41:20] <nobuddy69> It's TACHI!!
[23:41:22] <gondhir> (wot about "gay Uruk" jokes?)
[23:41:25] <nobuddy69>
[23:41:28] <banazir> (No "gay Uruk" jokes either!)
[23:41:33] <banazir> Auuuugh!
[23:41:36] <sui_degeneris> LOL!
[23:41:37] <banazir> Get oat of my heeead!
[23:41:53] <gondhir> SUFFER ME!
[23:42:01] * sui_degeneris starts humming "The boys are back in town"

Edit, 00:15 CDT Sat 17 Jul 2004: So, apparently the difference is simple...
[00:02:34] <Tripitaka> 1) A robot shall kill or enslave any human being
[00:03:04] <Tripitaka> 2) A robot shall obey only the orders of a superior robot, except where that might conflict with the First Law
[00:03:38] <Tripitaka> 3) A robot shall explode into small sparkly fragments when dramatically necessary


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