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500th entry

This is the 500th daily entry in my LJ.
It would have been the 511th but for the week and a half that I skipped during my trip to Acapulco last summer. (I do have a travellogue - with photos, even - that I have yet to post.)

Thanks for reading, everyone! And please do let me hear from you once in a while here.

Apropos of which, here is a meme snarfed from tv_elf and lizbetann:
Post anything that you want about me but post it anonymously. Post anything: a secret, a confession, a fear, a love, your opinion about me...anything, but be sure to post anonymously and honestly. And please, I mean practically everyone, please reply to this. Oh and then you should put this in your lj too...

(For the duration of this meme, I've turned off IP logging.
As before, anonymous posts are still screened by default.
I'll put an edit in this post when I turn IP logging back on, so feel free to tell me what you really think. :nirg:)


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