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Better than comic books

We are having a CS book giveaway downstairs in Nichols.
No, don't all rush down there at once: some of these books are 20, 25, even 30 years old!
But wait, if you order now, you can get back issues of CACM from 5-10 years back thrown in free!

Some of these e-commerce and Internet books from c. 1996-1998 are better than comics, I tell you.

BNJ has moved to its new home on SourceForge!
I have also given a new look to bayesnets - please check it out!

Let's see, what else is going on? Long, fast afternoon.

Talking on IM with Jan Antolik about his thesis revisions, chatting with istari_ala about her impending move to Manhattan, KS, USA, listening to dashamus tell a funny story about being mistaken for a Ph.D. Saying hi to scottharmon and tv_elf. Issuing invitations to the BNJ v3 premiere to scottharmon and hermes_imagod (no red carpet - sorry, guys).

Much regaled by yahvah and his hope of a Millenial Harem. Amuzzling, that guy.

Small and harmless person - you around? I'm online, if you're in the lab.

Edit, 18:45 CDT: Did I mention that my office got a visit from the Special Hell Fairy today? :g:


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