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Cross-posted to guggle

From the Inspirational Trasking Challenge that I just issued in guggle:

Here's a Chinese-to-English translation (with my embellishment, inspired by this article) of something my aunt just sent me. I wouldn't be suprised if it was originally in English, but here goes:
A Coast Guard helicopter, responding to a distress call from a sinking tourist boat in the cold north Atlantic, finds it foundering in choppy waters. As the boat goes beneath the waves, a rescue ladder is lowered and eleven people grab hold: ten men of various ages, and one woman.

As a storm rages, the guard in the chopper starts to pull up the rescuees, but suddenly the chopper starts to develop engine trouble. The pilot pulls out a megaphone and calls out to the rescuees: "I'm very sorry, but there's too much weight on the ladder, and the helicopter is going to crash if at least one of you doesn't let go."

Some men start to protest that they have families, wives and children. Others say they are too young to die. None of them agrees to drop back into the near-freezing ocean.

"It's all right - I'll go," calls the woman in a long-suffering tone. "It has always been this way, the right way of the world, that women should make sacrifices: for our men, our children. That's what we're here to do, to lend support. I'm happy to fulfill my role. Remember me well."

All the men burst into applause.

Moral: Guys are dumbGirls are mean.

In other news:
I finally saw Angel S5x22 (the series finale) last night. Hmm, wow. Any spoiler review will go under a cut, of course, and I'll thank you to put a warning in the titles of comments.

Edit, 14:30 CDT: From vajrahridaya... interesting.

It's a clickable, color-coded friends map. I'm not sure how it's done, but there does seem to be a proximity relation, in time or by number of mutual friends (I'm not sure).

I am a flowercolor lookup table named banazir !
I consist ofassimilated my friends!
Are you a flowercolor lookup table too?

Edit, 17:30 CDT: All together, now...
Congratulations, andrewwyld!


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