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Happy Birthday, miajesbar!

Happy Birthday, miajesbar!

Edit, 21:45 CDT Thu 29 Jul 2004: Heh. Had lunch with a trio of new Chinese students, at the K-State Union. Two are in the Chemistry grad program and one is in Biochem. I was mildly amuzzled that they mistook me for a student... it took quite a while to convince them that my senior Ph.D. alum (Haipeng Guo) is already a visiting assistant professor in Hong Kong.

Edit, 03:15 CDT Sat 31 Jul 2004: Forgot to post this little goody picked up from burkhardt:
banazir from this day forward you will also be known as:
Fluffy McNutty

Get your own here.

:chitter chitter: W00t!


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