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Paean Unto The Last Minute

banazir is very good at getting things done in the last minute.
   -our department's administrative assistant

Gah! Wheeenh, I wish I weren't so good at it!
I dashed up to Anderson Hall in my characteristic powered-up fashion around 16:55 CDT, to drop off the grade change form for Jan Antolik. By the time I found the Registrar's Office in Room 118, it was 16:59 and the staff members who worked there were just leaving. "Sorry, we're closed," they said, until I hemmed and hawed about being an instructor with an M.S. student who had already defended and deposited and needed the grade change on record as of today in order to graduate during the summer semester.

The demo went very well. All praise to zengeneral and Julie Thornton, and many thanks to Andrew King and masaga for their good work.


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