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Solitaire and Other Genetic Mysteries

My grandmother, who turned 91 last month, is very fond of solitaire. She plays it so much that backs of her cards have worn grey, which makes me sad sometimes. My mother just bought her mother-in-law a new deck for when I go to Ames, Iowa to collect her next week.1

I have never been able to stand solitaire. I played the Windows version (Windows 3.0, in case you were wondering - installed from 5.25" floppies) for one semester - namely fall, 1990. I solved maybe 10-12 games, and have never felt the slightest urge to finish them all as I have heard some people brag about. Or were there a couple of unsolvable ones? See the lack of interest. Maaaarvel at it.

It's too much like homework! Myst, Riven, 7th Guest, The 11th Hour, Three in Three (yes, the Mac game that was hot in 1991). If I wanted to solve more constraint logic puzzles, I'd just go work on research. :-)

I just can't sit still for games like that. I have patience for "real-world" problem-solving, but the variety that is contrived for entertainment just makes me fidgety. Of course, my gran is also the lady who does watercolor, which takes considerable discipline in itself.

Another genetic mystery, like my whole family being extreme sticklers for punctuality and neatness, except for me and my aunt Camille, the pack rats and procrastinators. I'd attribute it to mutation, but then I'd want some special powers to go with it.

1 Oh, BTW, my itinerary for the next two weeks: a CRGer visit on Wednesday, another next Thursday. This Saturday and Sunday I will be en route to Ames, IA to bring my gran back to Kansas for a month or two. Next weekend I'll be in Austin, TX for CCCT-2004. 11-hour drive, whee. Maybe I could convince my gaffer to share the drive? Cool off in Austin's 95F weather?2

2 Achtung, visitors! Manhattan, KS is doing its annual impression of Eidische. The hot part. I mentioned this at Media, yes? 97F (36C) right now. I do hope it'll be cooler when folks come over.


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