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Introducing julianmayfans

Here's a new community I just created to fill an open niche: a discussion group for the books of Julian May, the science fiction author.

Interests: aiken drum, balor, black trillium, celtic, celtic mythology, chalicotherium, chaliko, coercion, concilium orb, creativity, cyndia muldowney, diamond mask, donatien remillard, duat, duatha de danaan, dynamic field theory, elizabeth orme, farsensing, felice landry, finiah, fir bolg, firvulag, fomorians, fury, galactic milieu, gi, golden torc, grand combat, gray torc, great intervention, guderian, human polity, hydra, intervention, jack remillard, jack the bodiless, julian may, kieran o'connor, krondaku, lugh, lugonn, lylmik, madame guderian, magnificat, manannan, many-colored land, marc remillard, metabilities, metaconcert, metapsychic, metapsychic rebellion, metapsychology, mindpowers, nonborn king, operant, perseus spur, pliocene exile, poltroy, poltroyans, psychics, psychocreativity, psychokinesis, ramapithecine, rampart worlds, redaction, remillard, remillard dynasty, rogatien remillard, roniah, science fiction, silver torc, simbiari, sky trillium, surveillance, tanu, teilhard, time gate, time travel, trillium, uncle rogi, unity, victor remillard.

Those are the ones I could come up with off the top of my head.


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