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Alien Hulk vs. X-Man Predator

:g: Maybe a reactor tour isn't the best idea for Thursday.
Let's stick with the heliodon.

Bring your lead jock strap... if you want to have kids. -silpan
    No, I want mutant babies! -masaga
You have to prepare them for the future... give them that edge. -zengeneral
    `The part of masaga, Jr. is now played by James Marsden.' -banazir
Well, his parents live here in town...1 -A.

Yoinked from tv_elf:

My hero!
For honor!

What's Your LJ Drama Type?
brought to you by Quizilla

Going to Iowa tomorrow - back Sunday.
See you all on Monday!

1 That's right, yodge, Cyclops's parentals are hereaboats.


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