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Wibble wibble.

Courtesy of the RSS feed slashdot, I read some interesting things today about some cool new applications:

I read the last one three times along with several of the threads to make sure it wasn't some kind of joke by some kid trying to give his or her physics professor a massive myocardial infarction. Ai, it was knot a joke. Lavoisier spinning in his grave might provide some of that energy. Or perhaps the heat from toasting me, acos Eru knows the First Law of Thermodynamics has been abrogated.

"Fllo of a Took!"

It's foficious, Merkian science education is trasked. I got a glimmer of recognition today while wibbling about Newton's Three Laws of Motion during a lecture about forward/inverse kinematics and dynamics (in CGA) in my computer graphics curse yesterday, but that might have been wishful thinking.

(wibble wibble)

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