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Shangri-La ain't what it used to be

Cover of Lost Horizon (1936) by James Hilton, touted as the first paperback ever published</a>

Hey, miajesbar, do you remember last Saturday when I told you my uncle and his wife went off to China, but I couldn't point out on a map where they went?

Well, I just got this e-mail from him:

Subject: Hi from Da Li
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2004 07:01:37 -0500 (CDT)

Hi everyone! We are in Da Li of Yunnan province today. Have seen Guiyang and Kunming. Saw China's largest water fall, Huangguoshu, near Guiyang, and a number of minority peoples' villages (Miao, Yi, Bai, Dong, ....)

The booklets on China's tourist highlights [were] perfect timing, we took a handful of them and read onm the plane.

Tomorrow will be Li Jiang, and then Shangri La, etc before flying to Shanghai on the 21st.
Hope everyone is doing well. BTW we are not affected by the typhoon at all.
Will call you in about 8, 9 days.


What's next? Air cards right in the heart of Shangri-La?
(No, forget I said that, it will come to pass all too soon. :-P)

Edit, 02:45 CDT Sun 15 Aug 2004 - slides, transparencies, and handouts are printed. Thanks to thanatos_kalos for the suggestion!

In other news:

Prayers for all affected by Hurricane Charley.
Off to Austin to present a BNJ-related paper at the International Conference on Computing, Communications and Control Technologies (CCCT-2004). See you all next Tuesday!


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