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KS to TX, A Musical Travellogue 3 of 3: Oklahoma Borderline

The day began with an uneventful drive (08:00 - 14:30) back from Ardmore, OK.1

I fired off a "back home" message to CRG and KDD, and was on campus by about 15:30.
Almost immediately, I was swamped with putative emergencies, but like many of the burning fires that need putting out, a little chill did the trick.

1 There's a new Kansas tourist map that one can get at rest stops (and probably at travel agencies, featuring the "new" governor, Kathleen Sebelius). The cover photo is nice - urban rather than prairie-oriented - and I highly recommend it.

Edit. 00:30 CDT 18 Aug 2004: Entries are now closed on the Firefly contest. A page for voting will appear soon!


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