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If loonks could kill...

As Mr. Crowell wrote, "I would be long since gone".

I've replaced one of my icons, the one featuring my kindergarten graduation photo from Arlington Baptist School, 1979:

The new icon is taken from:

which comes from one of last week's Heart of The City strips.

Oh, and I also understand how to use keyword lists now, which will help when I migrate to a paid or permanent account.

For every community such as nonuglies, there is an equal and opposite reunction such as non_beauties. I have nothing against either: let them have their fun, say I! The former isn't my style, even if I weren't pretty certain of being rejected. The latter (which is new) cracks me up. But I just had a thought...

May I start nonstewpit? Huh? Pwease? With shwimp-and-marmite ice cweam topping?


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