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You learn something new every day.
Today A., masaga, and I were discussing zengeneral's new bike and our desire to convert his to the world of sane clowns, i.e., the Congregation of the Helmet.

So, the conversation wandered (as is its wont) into realms of SF, and we started talking about the Stargate tape - containing the last two episodes of SG-1 and the last two of Atlantis - that I lent zengeneral and that he (of course) finished in one sitting. It seems that in the episode where Teal'c gets pulled into DOOM IIIone of the combat simulator chars, Daniel Jackson is an LPB (Low-Ping Bastard).

As I said, you learn something new every day!

I was tempted to make LPB the Cool Word of the Month and first Cool Acronym thereby, but there are so many Goa'uld words that I think I'll save the slot.

(And no, I've never once played DOOM or Quake. I studied the Internet Head-to-Head Daemon back around 1994, and played Castle Wolfenstein 3D then, too.)


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