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Fall semester, 2004

Things are gearing up for a rocking fall semester. Please welcome to the KDD group:

  • Yonghua Li - Ph.D. student (CS)

  • Waleed Aljandal - Ph.D. student (CS)

  • Katie Meadows - M.S. student (CS)

  • J. S. - B.S. (IS) web developer and (future) database and *nix (FreeBSD, Red Hat Linux) administrator

These folks join the following alumni of the KDD group who are continuing or returned over the summer:

  • Chris Meyer (masaga) - M.S. student (CS)

  • Julie Thornton - M.S. student (CS)

and the undergraduate virtuosi:

  • Jeff Barber (zengeneral) - B.S. student (CS / Mathematics)

  • Andrew King - B.S. student (CS)


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