Banazîr the Jedi Hobbit (banazir) wrote,
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I see I haven't welcomed new people to my friends list in some time. so here goes:

23 Jul 2004: ellie_desu, pursuer, sugarsnap - friends from chambana, a local group (I think), and bayesnets, respectively
27 Jul 2004: agnosticessence, lurkinglaurie - from bayesnets and teunc, respectively
29 Jul 2004: discoflamingo - another of the math folks from bayesnets
04 Aug 2004: lilithharp17, settlement - met in found_objects and chambana
05 Aug 2004: neadods - a writer from wiliqueen and deire's lists
07 Aug 2004: penguinicity - yet another of the bayesnets crowd
12 Aug 2004: rowanrhys - from FoE
24 Aug 2004: dashamus - teunc's duck


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